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What defines Insights, Analysis & Strategy?

Who are the key national and international opinion leaders in your therapy area, and how much academic and social influence does each one have? What websites, social networks, apps and devices do your customers use? What kinds of information relevant to your brand and disease area do your customers search for online? When and where do they search? How does your target audience perceive your or your competitor’s brand?

Why us?

We can provide the answers, along with other useful business intelligence and actionable data, helping you to identify commercial and educational opportunities and plan insight-driven initiatives that have a strong strategic advantage.

  • Identify, stratify and map key opinion leaders
  • Understand the needs and online behaviour of your target audience
  • Pinpoint resources and opportunities in your digital environment
  • Evaluate your competitors’ digital assets and marketing initiatives
  • Align digital tactics with your marketing strategy and brand plan

What is KOL mapping?

Key opinion leader (KOL) mapping involves identifying and stratifying key national and international influencers in a therapy area, which allows our clients to recruit the right KOLs to fulfil a commercial or educational objective.

Why us?

Having worked on comprehensive KOL mapping projects for a variety of life science clients in different therapy areas, we have honed a rigorous methodology designed to swiftly and efficiently achieve a number of key objectives:

  • Supply clients with a comprehensive database of the most relevant and influential KOLs involved in a market, across markets, or in a specific area of interest.
  • Stratify or rank the KOLs based on academic influence and social connectivity.

Gaining insight into both a KOL’s academic influence and social connectivity helps our clients to understand the KOL’s broader reach and thus secure a competitive advantage when planning communication tactics.

To ensure the identification of the most suitable KOLs based on our clients’ requirements, we often take into account additional important factors, such as whether KOLs have co-authoring experience, spoken at events, worked for a competitor or have an active media presence.

The output of our comprehensive KOL mapping projects includes a database of KOLs detailing specialisation and other specified factors of interest, a KOL stratification graph, a list of publications and a list of relevant societies and groups, all of which help our clients to quickly and easily identify candidates who might be able to fulfil specific commercial or educational needs.

I have been sharing this exercise with some affiliates and they are very impressed!quoteSenior Brand Director, Pain; EMEA

What is Digital Landscaping?

Digital landscaping is the process of conducting a detailed analysis of a digital environment within a therapy area or disease class with the aim of helping clients to understand the online behaviour and preferences of their stakeholders, gauging their and their competitors’ digital strengths and weaknesses, and identifying opportunities.

Why us?

Our comprehensive and systematic digital landscaping methodology incorporates significant qualitative online research, quantitative phone-based stakeholder interviews and rigorous Web, social media, iOS and Android app analyses to ensure the delivery of highly insightful and actionable intelligence. We help our clients to understand the following in detail:

  • What their stakeholder online activity profile looks like
  • What websites and social networks their customers use and how these rank
  • What stakeholders may be searching for online
  • What browsers, devices and apps are being used
  • What areas in their digital environment are well served (i.e. competitive) or underserved (i.e. present an opportunity)

Our digital landscaping methodology also includes “social listening”, which is the art of listening in on social media trends and conversations to learn how customers perceive our clients, their brands and their competitors, as well as to identify factors that impact sentiment. Like KOL mapping, social listening also allows us to compile a database of key social opinion leaders (KSOLs).

Thanks for a very good presentation this morning. The landscape showed that we are doing a pretty good job already, but there were a few gaps. Plenty more ideas for discussion.Director, EU Marketing

What is Digital Planning?

Digital planning is the process of developing an insight-driven strategy and digital communications plan that maximise the likelihood of achieving a business objective.

Why us?

As technology-led healthcare specialists, we help clients to format and implement coherent and effective strategies and communications plans that meet regulations, adhere to best practices, utilise the most appropriate channels and stand up to the rigorous scrutiny of board-level decision making. Whether a client’s objective is to promote a brand, penetrate a new market, publicise an event, optimise digital assets or deliver a new experience, we assist with bespoke tactics that make the most of their budget. From developing responsive websites, interactive apps and augmented reality experiences to planning, launching and optimising PPC, SEO and social media campaigns, we have the skills, resources and experience necessary to help clients stand out in the digital landscape, gain an advantage over competitors and achieve long-term goals.

emotive have done a fantastic job. They have combined an innovative approach, prudent insights and creative ideas to help us plan a robust digital strategy.Marketing Manager, Takeda UK

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